Hayley, Alister and Rosa Purbrick

Hayley, Alister and Rosa Purbrick

Dalfarras is a celebration of wine, art and family; with Rosa - artist and Dal Farra before marriage, Alister - Tahbilk's Chief Winemaker and daughter Hayley - bringing a new generational philosophy and focus; offering a range of carbon neutral, premium wines under captivating and contemporary artworks.

About Rosa - Artist

Rosa Purbrick was born into a large Italian family with a heritage steeped in home made vintage.  Her father produced his own potent ferment, renowned for its unique 'kick' and designed no doubt, to 'fine' out his daughters' potential suitors.

Fate came to Rosa in the form of a husband robust enough to withstand her father's home made vintage.  She married Winemaker Alister Purbrick in 1982 and thus joined the oldest and most revered of Australia's wine legacies - Tahbilk.

Rosa is an artist living at Tahbilk Winery on the banks of the Goulburn River in Central Victoria, Australia.  For some years now she has turned her eye to the cultivated landscape of the vineyard and it is here, among the vines and annual ebullience of grapes that her work continues to evolve.  Rosa transcribes images with paint on canvas, ink on paper, hands on clay - many of these compositions are translated onto wine labels for the property's Dalfarras range of wines - dedicated to Rosa's heritage and maiden name - Dal Farra.