A celebration of wine, art and family

Lichen Light: Dalfarras Prosecco Label

Lichen Dark: Dalfarras Pinot Grigio Label


"Both images on the Pinot Grigio and Prosecco are taken from the two page sketch in my visual diary .. The inspiration for this work was the fabulous pattern work made by lichen on a stand of birch trees.  All lacy loopy semi transparent shapes that overlap and intertwine" - Rosa

Coloured Brick Wall: Dalfarras Sangiovese Label

Japonica: Dalfarras Rosato Label

Japonica: Dalfarras Rosato Label


"The imaged used on the Sangiovese label is also in my visual diary .. Coloured Brick Wall was inspired by the many and varied personalities in the family.  Some are bold, strong and loud, while others are gentle or funny and fuzzy.  It makes for an interesting, colourful group" - Rosa


“Japonica was inspired by an early morning meander through the garden in Spring. I was awe struck by the light sparkling amongst the myriad of flowering trees and shrubs. The Japonica was in full bloom, a luminescent crimson, contrasting beautifully against the soft pink blossom of the ornamental cherry.” - Rosa